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How to classify the protector and descender of Climbing

"8" word ring protector

The "8" ring type protector is a * universal protector lowering device. It is characterized by no complicated mechanical mechanism and does not cause mechanical failure during use. The "8" word ring is also relatively simple to use. It is a closed metal ring with a bilaterally symmetrical shape. There is no brake end and climbing end. When loading the rope, just follow the usual method. The different shapes are designed to adjust the angle of the rope and increase the amount of friction, such as C and D.

In terms of use: The "8" ring is not particularly demanding on the diameter of the rope used, and the scope of application is relatively large. For example, the large ring of the "8" ring of type A can be used for ropes of 8.3 mm or more. Conversely, the small ring of type A is suitable for ropes of 8.3 mm or less.

ATC class protector lowering device

ATC is a descender that uses * as a wide range of protectors in addition to the "8" subring in recent years. It is much simpler than the mechanical protector structure, and the operation is as simple as the "8" ring. However, compared with the "8" ring, the advantage of the big one is that the rope is not prone to deformation after being locked, causing curling and twisting. In addition, the ATC relies on the brake end to press down to generate the rope type and increase the friction. Therefore, the ATC moves into the brake end and the climbing end. Pay attention to the rope direction required by the legend on the protector when loading the rope.

In terms of use: ATC requires stricter diameters of the ropes used than the "8" ring, generally 8.3mm-12mm such as E/F/H type. But if the ATC needs to match a small diameter rope, then choose a small diameter ATC. For example, G and H, the diameter of G is 7.5 mm - 8.2 mm, and the diameter of H is 8.1 mm - 11 mm.

Mechanical brake type descender

The mechanical brake type protector is much more complicated to operate than the "8" ring type protector and the ATC type protector. In particular, there are very strict regulations on the loading rope, and if it is wrong, the fatal danger can occur directly.

The mechanical brake type protector is also very different in comparison with the "8" sub-ring type and the ATC type protector. They are generally only used for descent (single rope) and top rope protection (single rope). Its * outstanding advantage is that it can be self-locking and can be controlled like Stop by controlling the free rope end by hand to control the descent speed.

The adventure movement has its inherent dangers. It is the responsibility of every explorer to use the equipment correctly and use the technology reasonably. When the equipment is used incorrectly, the consequences are not related to this article.

Even with a wealth of expedition experience and the use of equipment in full accordance with the correct operating procedures, the potential for accidents caused by the natural environment and human factors cannot be avoided. This is what every explorer should know before engaging in the sport.

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