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What is a rock climbing descent

Rock climbing can make rock climbers closer to nature and fully appreciate the fun of rock climbing; rock wall angle and stone diversity bring about ever-changing climbing routes; due to the fixed rock wall, the route is open and can be retained for a long time, the natural rock wall is graded. Can be compared and contrasted by many people, become the main basis for climbing grading, what safety equipment should be equipped when climbing? Rock movement has certain dangers, so the equipment for safety equipment and rock climbing is part of the rock climbing movement, which is the safety guarantee for climbers, especially in the climbing of natural rock walls. The choice of climbing shoes is generally 2 yards smaller than the usual shoes, but the beginners choose the same shoe size as the peace shoes when they choose climbing shoes, so that they can adapt to the feeling of climbing shoes more quickly. In the next half year, they may find that the climbing shoes are big and need to change the rock climbing again. Shoes; additional climbing personal equipment refers to seat belts, descenders, safety locks, rope sets, safety helmets, rock climbing shoes, magnesium powder and powder bags, etc., let's take a closer look at what is a rock climbing descent?

The rock climbing descent is one of the equipments necessary for rock climbing to protect the climbers from falling. Although the protection technology and the descending technology movements are different, they are essentially the same. They are the frictional force generated by the descender and the rope to prevent the climber from falling or controlling the descending speed of the climber. Two categories: the principle of friction and the principle of using the cam extrusion.

First, buy the protector dropper skills

For beginners, the descender of the friction principle class is relatively easy to master, and should first grasp the use of this type of equipment. Among them, the common one is the 8-word ring and the ATC. The shape of the 8-word ring is named after the Arabic numeral "8". It is characterized by simple structure and rapid heat dissipation. Its shortcoming is that it has certain requirements on the strength of the user. In operation, the twisting of the rope is very serious. . ATC has many different variants. They are usually shaped like a metal tube with two holes in the middle, so they are sometimes called tubular protectors. The ATC class descent is currently one of the most widely used climbing gears for climbers*.

Second, the daily maintenance skills of the descender

Be sure not to drop the descent when carrying out the rock climbing operation. If you fall to the hard ground after falling from high altitude, you should stop using it. In addition, after bumping with other equipment, pay attention to whether the surface of the equipment produces metal burrs, the burrs will wear and cut the surface of the rope, so the surface of the lowering device must be kept smooth and smooth.

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