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Explain the use of the riser

What is the riser? The riser is a kind of climbing protective gear. Generally, mountain climbing uses this kind of tool. In outdoor sports, we often have a lot of sports that need to master certain skills, so many times we can go. Do some of the better use of skills, then how to use the riser when climbing outdoors?

It is tricky to use the riser, and then Xiaobian will teach you how to use it.

When using the riser, the ropes that are actually selected need to be fixed first, and the requirements for the ropes are relatively high, and they cannot be any ropes, at least they can bear the weight.

When we use some professional skills, some of the problems that need to be paid attention to are simply to use the riser for fixing; then when you are ready to fix such a technique, simply put the rope into the riser. . We are using such a riser, which is actually a good way to reduce the loss of physical strength.

One of the skills of the riser is that such a device can be easily used up and used at will, and can be fixed at will; so many people are a simple skill when they are just used, but most of them People are very unfamiliar skills, but as long as they are proficient.

When we use some of these risers, we also need to pay attention to the fact that the safety ropes still need to be tied, because it is still dangerous.

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