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Expand appliance riser and pendant with 8 word loop

8-word ring

    The 8-word ring is a * universal protection device. It is often used in extended high-altitude projects to protect the safety of students under the connection of the main rope. Students can feel the protection from the ground while climbing, jumping, passing and descending, and a very important instrument in protection. It is a cutting device, where * is commonly used is an 8-word ring. Its role is to use the friction of the main rope to ensure the safety of the companion and himself. The 8-word ring is easy to learn in use. For beginners, some mistakes can be avoided. In the expansion, it is recommended to use the 8-word ring.

     Riser and pendant

    Both the riser and the fall arrester are safety devices that are often used to climb the elevated frame during extended altitude activities. They generally need to be used on the "road rope" that is fixedly connected at the upper and lower ends of the elevated frame. The riser is generally a handle type riser, which can be lifted along the rope when it is lifted by hand, and can be prevented from falling when the person falls off and falls. The riser is mainly used to expand the teacher's use of the protection equipment. Due to improper use, there is a potential safety hazard. It is generally not recommended for beginners to use the riser.

    The fall arrester can move up and down along the road rope without the need of manual operation during the climbing protection. It can work well on the vertical or diagonally pulled rope. It is good at 10. 5-13 Use on a millimeter static rope. The fall arrester can stop falling, sliding and uncontrolled drops in an instant, and a good fall arrester can effectively prevent the fall within a sliding distance of 30 cm. Many times the fall arrester must be used in conjunction with the original 0-lock and potential energy absorber.

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