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Anchor bolt

1) Anchor bolts shall comply with the relevant regulations for anchor bolts in the Code for Concrete Structural Reinforcement Design 50367-2006.

2) The anchor bolt adopts a metal anchor bolt with the performance of cracking concrete. The reaming anchor bolt has impact resistance and fire resistance performance, and provides corresponding test reports.

3) The anchor bolt steel material is: stainless steel A4 or hot dip galvanized 8.8 grade steel, the anchor bolt must have corrosion resistance, and the thickness of hot-dip galvanized coating is not less than 45μm.

4) The anchor bolt should have fire-resisting performance and should pass the official certification of fire performance. The bearing capacity of the M12 anchor bolt under the fire-resistance limit of 120 minutes is not less than 3kN. Each bracket and anchor bolt system should be able to provide at least 30KN under train vibration. Shear and 20KN pull.

5) The product supplier should be able to provide a complete calculation book for the actual anchor node.

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