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How to use the riser


Two-handed type - using the left and right hand type risers, each riser should bring its own rope ladder. When the left hand rises, the left foot will be lifted by the rope ladder. After the left hand is in place, start the left hand and the left foot will step on the body to raise the body and stabilize the left foot. After that, start the same action in the right hand. Move your body up and down by moving left and right.

Hand, chest - hand operation as above, chest riser is fixed to the chest, and the seat belt is connected by a lock, and moves with the body. If there is a situation in which the chest type cannot rise, first check whether the installation is correct. After correct, pull the main rope below the chest to move normally.


Hand type, foot type - hand type operation as above, the use of the foot type must first be installed correctly, and the ankle buckle must be fastened to be able to operate smoothly. Since the hand is mostly left-handed, the foot is naturally the right foot.

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