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Looking at the current situation and development of outdoor sports consumption market through data

The per capita outdoor consumption in China's first- and second-tier cities has reached 1,000 yuan. This is the data on the Chinese consumer market in the global outdoor consumer market report released this year by the Kaddu Consumer Index. With the increase in domestic per capita income and the upgrading of consumption structure, outdoor sports have become a holiday for many people. Who is the main audience in the outdoor sports crowd, who is more willing to pay for outdoor sports, the reporter's interview and the investigation of relevant institutions show the current situation and future development trend of the market.

Consistent with universal perception, men are the subjects involved in outdoor sports. Mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, etc., require extreme challenges in harsh environments. From the very beginning, outdoor sports are linked to physical strength. According to data from a third-party survey agency, the proportion of males in outdoor sports is *large, reaching 64%. With the propaganda concept of “decompression and release”, outdoor sports consumption is gradually becoming the new favorite of fashion, and the participation of more women has narrowed the gap. “With the gradual participation of female contestants, the 100-kilometer cross-country running began to sweep the entire circle of friends,” said Ma Yi, a senior cross-country runner.

In addition, according to third-party survey agencies, outdoor sports consumers are mainly concentrated in the 26-35 age group, accounting for 41.1% of the survey population; followed by 36-45 years old, accounting for 22.7%. From the perspective of age distribution, middle and young people have become the mainstay of outdoor sports consumption. In fact, outdoor sports take a lot of time and money, and are often seen as “patents” of young people with financial ability and cherish leisure time. He Qingsong is a walking enthusiast who runs a homestay. When talking about the original intention of starting a business, he told reporters that it is because of his love and hiking that outdoor management has become the direction of his career.

The survey of outdoor sports people found that the economic income level of respondents has a significant relationship with the consumption of outdoor sports. The data shows that 57.3% of respondents are from first-tier cities in China, and the proportion of respondents with monthly incomes of 4,000-10,000 yuan per capita is close to 60%. The primary reason for consumption is higher and stable income, which makes them affordable for outdoor sports. Ample holidays are the second factor. Those with higher economic income tend to have more desire for high-quality outdoor products.

It is worth mentioning that according to the "2017 Outdoor Sports Map" released by Amazon China, the protein powder, outdoor durable sports shoes and trekking poles in professional equipment have become the outdoor items with high repurchase rate*, and the outdoor sports consumption of Chinese people is obvious. Upgrade to specialization. Shanyou Li Wei, who has successfully climbed the peak of more than 6,000 meters, told reporters that mountain climbing is an example. Only entry-level sunglasses, trekking poles, hiking boots and underwear are costing nearly 10,000 yuan. It is understood that if you count the professional high-altitude mountaineering equipment such as mountaineering bags, ropes and cooking utensils, the cost will exceed 40,000 yuan. "A professional line down, almost armed to the teeth," Li said.

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