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What are the risers?

The riser is divided into three types: a hand riser, a chest riser and a foot riser, wherein the hand riser is further divided into a left hand and a right hand. The brands mainly include Petzl, Camp, Kong, etc., among which the Petzl handle type riser is widely used, and the left hand is yellow and the right hand is blue. The actual climbing of the hand-type riser does not matter whether it is left-handed or right-handed. The right and left hands are only used to operate the card with the thumb when buckled on the rope. Generally, it is left-handed (blue) for the right-hander and hail for the right hand. The left-hander uses the right-handed (yellow) and the left hand uses the hail. The riser connected to the pedal belt has a wide selection surface, but * it is easy to use the handle type riser. This riser is not only easy to use, but also can effectively use the arm force. Parallel risers can be used on muddy ropes to prevent slippage.

Chest button* Choose a specially designed chest riser that is flat on the side of the chest and does not cause discomfort when moving up the single rope.

There is also a small steel buckle for connecting the chest strap, chest buckle, chest buckle safety rope and ankle strap. This small steel buckle does not affect the safety and operation of the ascending system, but this small steel buckle is not necessary because it is for For those who are not tall, they usually connect the chest buckle directly to the sling. For those who are tall, they often use a buckle instead of a small steel buckle to connect the chest buckle and the sling.

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