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"Internet +" era boosts the development of outdoor sports industry

"In recent years, with the rise of outdoor sports in China, the outdoor products industry has risen rapidly. At present, it has formed a tens of billions of mountain outdoor products consumer market, and still maintains a good momentum of development. The national pan-outdoor sports participants have reached 1.4 to 170 million. By 2020, the total size of the mountain outdoor sports industry will reach 400 billion yuan, and the total scale of the outdoor sports industry will reach 1.5 trillion yuan." Ding Xianghua, director of the China Mountaineering Association's business development department, recently attended the "2018 National Outdoor Sports Industry" At the "Development Conference", it was said that the development of outdoor sports and the promotion of sports, tourism, education and training, etc. have become a powerful grip for turning green mountains and green mountains into Jinshan Yinshan. He also believes that with the advent of the "Internet +" era, the application of big data technology has spread to all walks of life, and has played a huge role in promoting industrial upgrading and transformation in some industries.

At the meeting, the head of the China Outdoor Sports Big Data Research Group and Professor Liang Qiang of the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, on behalf of the organizers, released the "China Outdoor Sports Big Data Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report").

According to the "Report", Beijing and Shanghai have become the main source of outdoor sports in China by virtue of their high economic income, while the outdoor population in China is dominated by young men with high academic qualifications, especially for more than 8 years of work, with a monthly income of 4,000. Yuan to 6000 yuan of professional and technical personnel. In terms of project preferences, hiking and mountaineering ranked the top two with 91.50% and 90.66% respectively.

The "Report" also shows that in recent years, China's outdoor facilities construction has also experienced considerable development. In the construction of trails, in 2017 alone, the number of new trails is equivalent to 61% of the total mileage in the past seven years.

At the meeting, Jiang Jiancheng, director of the Economic Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, disclosed that Zhejiang Province is building a “global outdoor intelligent information service platform”.

“Our project started in 2017. Firstly, the outdoor sports project was divided into six categories and 39 small items, and the facilities standards of each sports project were developed. The intelligent information service platform architecture was initially constructed, including two platforms, one is The government-run computer management platform serves the normal information management of outdoor sports facilities in the local sports bureaus; the second is the popular version of the mobile APP platform, which serves outdoor enthusiasts for searching, locating, navigating, recording and sharing."

“We have carried out pilot work in Lishui City, Wenzhou Wencheng County and Huzhou Changxing County for the improvement of platform functions. During the pilot period, 179 outdoor sports projects and routes have been collected on the platform, including 134 outdoor mountains and 32 water sports. 2 aviation sports, 4 ice and snow sports, 2 automobile and motorcycle sports, and 5 other categories."

“The Global Outdoor Intelligent Information Service Platform is a joint mapping and mapping brigade of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau. It uses satellite remote sensing, geographic information and other technologies to connect outdoor sports facilities, projects, routes and activities in mountain, water, ice and snow, aviation, automobile and motorcycle. Interoperate, draw an electronic map of Zhejiang outdoor sports, design the layout of outdoor sports facilities, and create a global, intelligent, quality and standardized outdoor sports intelligent information service platform."

Jiang Jiancheng said that Zhejiang Province's “Global Outdoor Intelligent Information Service Platform” has several innovations: one is to exhaust all outdoor sports facilities, projects, routes, and activities; the second is to simultaneously develop the government and public editions, taking into account government decision-making and planning. Design, and the needs of mass sports and fitness; third, walking, mountaineering and other lines are measured by footsteps. In the actual data collection, through satellite remote sensing and other technologies, the trajectory and pictures of each "friends" can be uploaded to the platform. The interactive platform for real-time recording and sharing; Fourthly, after the platform data collection is completed, 100 sports tourism boutique lines and 500 outdoor activity camps will be launched, which can realize one-stop service through the platform and enrich the public sports tourism products.

Industry analysts believe that achieving interoperability and realizing big data applications will become the key to realizing the new ecology of the outdoor sports industry in the future.

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